Authentic Confidence Online

Find Confidence and Love Your Work. In this online course, Ben Fauske will teach you the pattern followed by world-class influencers called the Career Confidence Guide. This one-page career game plan will lead you to the unstoppable career you deserve.

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Authentic Confidence Coach

After you Find Confidence, you’ll want to learn how to Coach Confidence. As a Certified Authentic Confidence Coach, Ben Fauske will personally share his best practices learned from thousands of coaching sessions. Implementing this coaching platform in your organization will increase your influence and engage talent.

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Authentic Confidence LIVE

Want your team to experience the Authentic Confidence process? Hire Ben Fauske to deliver the 1 day workshop called Authentic Confidence Live. Your team will learn the Core Beliefs of high performers and will complete the Authentic Confidence Quotient and Career Confidence Guide. Everyone on the team will be aligned with strategies to communicate with confidence, internally and externally.

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