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December 2016


Are You Communicating With Style?

There are many great conversations around the holidays.  Unfortunately, there are also some weird conversations.  There is nothing more awkward than being in a one-sided conversation.  The person is going on and on and doesn’t realize you are no longer listening.  You started off trying to be a good sport and hang in there, but you start to lose focus after the fifteenth cat story.  The problem is a lack of self-awareness. When people lack…
Ben Fauske
December 23, 2016
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Working on Purpose

Early in my career I struggled with my career purpose.  I jumped around from job to job and never found my groove.  It was causing many problems in my life, and it wasn’t until I developed a Career Purpose Statement that my career started to take shape. After I created my Career Purpose Statement I had a guide that helped me make good decisions.  I stopped jumping from job to job and settled into a…
Ben Fauske
December 8, 2016