Early in my career I struggled with my career purpose.  I jumped around from job to job and never found my groove.  It was causing many problems in my life, and it wasn’t until I developed a Career Purpose Statement that my career started to take shape.

After I created my Career Purpose Statement I had a guide that helped me make good decisions.  I stopped jumping from job to job and settled into a career that I loved.

The process of developing your Career Purpose Statement is to start with your core competence.  A core competence is a unique skill that sets you apart from others.  It is where you bring value to others.  Once you define your core competence, ask a few trusted friends if they agree.  Assuming they do, then it is time to move on to how this core competence helps others.

As an example my Career Purpose Statement is “I am invested in serving leaders, so that great teams win.”  My core competence is providing leaders with practical development tools.  Great teams don’t just happen, they take work.  When leaders improve, their teams improve and that is always worth the effort.

So what is it that you do and why is it important?  What is your core competence and how does it help others?  When you create your Career Purpose Statement, make sure it gives you energy.  It should be a statement that you can read every day that motivates you and keeps you on track in your career.

Once you have your Career Purpose Statement developed then share it with your team and help them discover their own Career Purpose Statement.  When everyone on the team understands their unique contribution and how they add value to others the team will reach new levels of success.

Question:  What challenges are you having creating your Career Purpose Statement?

Once you create your Career Purpose Statement please share in the comments section of the blog.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.


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